The Orchestra for 2017-18

  • Violin 1: Muang Luanghvisut**, Andrew Taheny, Antonia Sanchez, Nicholas Bushnell-Wye, Stephen Smith, Emily Smith, Morgan Peterson

  • Violin 2: Georgina MacDonell Finlayson*, Chrissie Johnson, Sara Morris, Elena Henning, Alison Hedley, Kaoruko Shirasaki

  • Viola: Dan Stafford*, Gordon Cervoni, Garry Zhu, Kabir Mohammed, Emma Gairin

  • Cello: Johanna Stark*, Law Cheuk Ki Jack, Kai Dudley, Damian Ho, Lucia Vigilante, Kevin Hanley

  • Double Bass: Billy Chapman*, Tristan Scott

  • ** leader, * principal

    The Committee for 2017-18

    The orchestra prides itself on the fact that it is independently run by students. The committee oversees the complete organisation of the orchestra, from the everyday tasks of setting out the seats for rehearsals, to the larger tasks of the office bearers in looking after the finances of the society and organising the annual tour.

    Georgina MacDonell Finlayson - President

    Stephen Smith - Treasurer

    Sara Morris - Tour Sub-Committee, Webmaster

    Chrissie Johnson - Secretary, Publicity Manager

    Muang Luanghvisut - Librarian

    Dan Stafford - Tour Sub-Committee, Guac Man

    Kai Dudley - Sponsorship & Fundraising Manager

    Emily Smith - Social Secretary

    Kevin Hanley - Ordinary Member

    Headshots by Mihaela Bodlovic